Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best Posts from this Blog

1. Warren Jeffs versus Sun Myung Moon
2. The theocratic chain of misery
3. Hillary Clinton and the Moonies here and here
4. ACORN Versus The Unification Church
5. Senator Orrin Hatch and the Moonies
6. How the Moonie media bought Chris Matthews' soul
7. William Bennett and Sun Myung Moon
8. Moon's alliance with another cult
9. The Internet as the bane of destructive cults
10. Amway and Moon's Unification Movement: hierachies of misery
11. My YouTube Video: "The World's Most Powerful Cult"
12. The Bush family and Moon here, here, here, and here.
13. Moon and Regnery Publishing.
14. Notes on the movie Inchon Ronald Reagan's positive review here.
15. Barack Obama Versus Sun Myung Moon
16. A brief history of the "America" brand
17. The ancester liberation scam
18. Wash. Times Employee calls Obama fans "zombies"
19. Private vice versus public vice
20. The Washington media establishment and Sun Myung Moon
21. The Moonie media and the Obama/Madrassa smear. also here
22. The True Believer Versus the Cynic: Why Hyun Jin "Preston" Moon May Be More Dangerous than his Father
23. Racism and the Washington Times.
24. Is opposition to Reverend Moon religious bigotry?

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