Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Washington Media Establishment and Sun Myung Moon

Today I spoke with NPR's Juan Williams after he gave a talk at the 3rd Annual San Diego City College International Book Fair. I asked him about Moon and his media apparatus. While Williams was familiar with the Times and, he confessed that he knew little about the massive amounts of money that the Moon was sinking into the Times and his other media projects to keep them afloat. More important, Williams didn't know about the schemes that Moon and his operatives have used to fund these white elephants.

Sadly, Williams is typical of the DC journalistic community. Moon and his operation warrant scrutiny from Washington journalists. I'm an optimist but I'm not holding my breath.


nunya said...

Thanks for doing that :)

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Thank you for mentioning it to him :)

Michael J. Pottebaum said...

Daily Kos 4/3/08

Modus Operandi of Rev. Moon. Copyright 2008 (1+ / 0-)
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"If you really want to know how a society works, read it's fiction, fiction is where societies hide their secrets." Late Professor Robert A. Burton, Univ. of Kansas.
On Page 2, Volume 1 of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Translated by Brewitt-Taylor. Also known as Three Kingdoms or San Kuo. Starts with and ends over 1,200 pages later with "Kingdoms wax and wane, Kingdoms cleave asunder and coalesce." This 900 year old Historical Narrative Drama details the rise of the Yellow Turbans or Yellow Scarves...
"At this time in Chulu was a certain Chang family. Of whom three brothers bore the name of Chio, Pao, and Liang respectively. The eldest was a unclassed graduate, who devoted himself to medicine. One day, while culling simples in the woods, he met a venerable old gentleman with very bright eyes and fresh complexion, who walked leaning on a staff. The old man beckoned Chio into a cave and there gave him three volumes of the "Book of Heaven". "This book" said he, "is the Way of Peace. With the aid of these volumes you can convert the world and rescue mankind. But you must be single minded, or, rest assured, you will greatly suffer."
..."The new possessor of the wonderful book studied it eagerly and strove day and night to reduce its precepts to practice. Before long he could summon the winds and command the rain, and became known as The Mystic of the Way of Peace. Soon he could test his other powers. With the change of reign-title appeared a terrible pestilence which ran throughout the land, whereupon Chang Chio distributed charmed remedies of which the success gained him the title of the Wise and Good Master. He began to have a following of disciples whom he initiated into the mysteries and sent abroad throughout all the land. They, like their master, could write charms and recite formulae and their fame increased his following. He began to organize his disciples. He established thirty six circuits, the larger with a myriad or more members, the smaller with about half that number. Each circuit had its chief who took the military title of General. They talked wildly about the death of the blue heavens and the setting up of the yellow: they said a new cycle was beginning and would bring universal good fortune, and they persuaded people to chalk the new symbols for the first year of the cycle on the main door of their dwellings."
Rev. Moon is the son of a Korean peasant family.
The two bold words are just a part of the direct influence of the popular work. The "Way of Peace" is a cant repeated time and time again in Rev.Moon's cosmos. The "36 Circuits" are just like in the new book by John Gorenfield, a "Bad Moon Rising..." the "36 Families...36 families he has "perfected" and which function as the core."
There is much more!
Copyright 2008 Michael J. Pottebaum
Daily Kos

by Mike Pottebaum on Thu Apr 03, 2008 at 09:14:32 AM PDT
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I always wondered if Moon wasn't ripping off his peace schtick from Hong Xiuquan. During the era of the U.S. Civil War, Hong cracked under the pressure of Confucian civil service exams and had a vision of being Jesus's brother. He started a war and millions of people died.
by johngorenfeld on Thu Apr 03, 2008 at 09:27:33 AM PDT
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