Thursday, April 1, 2010

Irony of Ironies: Moon Employee Writes Book Calling Obama Fans "Zombies"

jason mattera sun myung moon Prominent wing-nut and Washington Times operative Jason Mattera has a new book titled Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation. Here are some priceless comments from an reviewer:
This is one of the more mind blowingly ironic books I've encountered on the right, and that's saying a lot! (As I've read some Michael Savage) You'd hope that a guy who proudly notes working for the Washington Times would be a little bit careful about throwing around the term "zombie"! The Washington Times are owned by the Unification Church, popularly known as the Moonies, and usually considered a rather insidious cult. (Google them or check out their wiki page) So, yes, you have a guy who writes for a foreign owned mind control cult lecturing liberals about being "zombies" for Obama!!! Apparently with a straight face! Then again conservatives truly have no scruples that I am aware of. They are currently screaming about the budget deficit for instance, one that they created from the surplus Clinton left. Or listen to them lecture about national security despite not defending the country on 9/11 and then not defending the constitution afterwards...not to mention two poorly planned wars on their watch...but I digress, back to the book. To be honest this was so sloppily put together and so lacking in historical context or any sort of proportion that I was left with the feeling that this book isn't meant to be read. Its really more a symobl, something someone who lives in a Fox News bubble can send to their nephew in college who hasn't drank the Kool Aid...

So basically a worthless book but one for the ages in terms of irony! In that regard, congrats Jason, you have broken new ground!


Tilman Hausherr said...

I'm thinking of that old SNL sketch "Night of the Moonies", a zombie movie parody. Its been removed from youtube, sadly.

The Independent Rage said...

Well, I have seen the original Night of the Living Dead many times over, and I must say that I have never seen an Obama Fan try to bite another's man arm off. So the comparison does break down on that level.