Thursday, November 1, 2007

Private Vice Versus Public Vice

[Note: This blog post is reprinted from the May 31, 2004 edition of Scoobie Davis Online]
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Whenever I hear or read Michelle Malkin, it reminds me of what Josh Marshal said about George Will: "I've often thought George Will must be a great inspiration to those who want to believe that even if you lack insight, honesty, or wit you might still succeed as long as you dress like you have all three." "Last week, Michelle Malkin weighed in on the mini-scandal revolving around the revelations about Jessica Cutler, who while an employee of Senator Mike DeWine (R-Ohio), had sex for money with some Washington bigwigs and announced it on her weblog. The title of Malkin’s critical piece for WorldNetDaily (more on this later) is “The Skanks on Capitol Hill.” In this piece, Malkin goes to great length to point out her own virtue compared to Cutler’s lack of it. Here’s one example:

Cutler, who aspired to be a journalist, spouted: "I'm sure I am not the only one who makes money on the side this way: How can anybody live on $25K/year??" When I was 24 and making less than that, I did it by eating Spaghetti-O's, Ramen noodles and Swanson pot pies for dinner; driving a Toyota Tercel with no air conditioning; and sleeping on a $30 futon. I did it the way most parents teach their daughters to succeed: through hard work, thrift, faith and perseverance.

It’s a comforting thought that Malkin didn’t put herself in a compromising position when she was younger (I’m still trying to get over seeing the Dr. Laura nude photos; they still keep me awake at night). Malkin goes on to decry this episode’s negative effect on culture and on young women who want to get ahead by their smarts.

I have one message for Malkin: Give it a rest!

The Cutler flap and Malkin’s self-righteous response give me an opportunity to discuss the difference between private vice and public vice.

First, private vice. When a young woman wants to earn a little extra cash by providing companionship to an older man, this is private vice. As far as I’m concerned it is a private matter between the commercial sex worker (not whore or skank--as Malkin puts it), her client, his family, and the God(s) of their choice. If each party agrees to the arrangement, then pork away--it’s none of my business (I also discuss similar matters in my post that details my on-air conversation with Sean Hannity).

Let’s now discuss public vice. In the case of Malkin and her colleagues, the vice in question is media whoredom. Media whoredom is the prostituting of one’s journalistic integrity for filthy lucre. Media whoredom, unlike commercial sex work, has devastating consequences for society. Innocent people are libeled, reputations are destroyed, and paranoid conspiratorial thinking is encouraged.

Let me elaborate. Malkin wrote the piece for WorldNetDaily run by whore extraordinaire Joseph Farah, a man who took some easy money from Richard Mellon Scaife to write libellous things. Farah’s whoredom has hurt a lot of innocent people who have no dog in the fight. That’s public vice. By being paid by Farah to write for WorldNutDaily, Malkin is a whore’s whore.

Malkin’s media whoredom is compounded by her relationship with demented false messiah Sun Myung Moon. Last year, I discussed this whorish relationship in detail. Email Malkin at and ask her if she uses a Holy Handkerchief after each transaction with Moon.

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