Friday, October 9, 2009

George H.W. Bush and other World Leaders Puff Up Moon

Bush and other prominent current and former world leaders recently congratulated Moon on his autobiography. Bush wrote (6:37 of the video), "I salute Rev. Moon, and all of you, for your work and your service to the world. I believe that public service of all kinds is an honorable calling. Yes, there are great challenges, but our will and determination are, and must be, greater."

Watch the video:

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Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

It should be noted that many of the congratulatory messages are not in fact for the publication of Moon's biography, despite what the title of the video claims. Many of those congratulatory messages were sent to Moon for his 80th birthday (as in the case of George H.W. Bush) or for his 90th birthday (as in the case of New York governor David Paterson). Yet the video pretends that these messages were congratulations for the biography, thereby demonstrating once again the Moon movement's propensity for deception and muddled thinking. Nor is Moon a scholar, as Paterson claimed; his degrees are merely honorary and there is no other body of scholarly work to substantiate it.