Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sun Myung Moon to Kick the Bucket on January 13, 2013?

In two recent speeches, Sun Myung Moon has claimed that January 13, 2013 will be an auspicious day. Two years, ago Moon told followers the following:
I have just six years until January 13, 2013. If I give the order, will you be able to move all the people below you? A great migration will occur. This is not just a dream; this can actually happen. Can a bird carry a lot of luggage to migrate? No. You yourselves should not have things that will burden you down; you must be able to migrate
Last year, Moon told his followers:
Today is the 13th of February. Thirteen is very important. There are five years from now until January 13, 2013. The 13th of every month should be marked as important days on our march to 2013. This is the ssang hap time of connecting the 7th and 8th jubilee years. We will expand the jubilee of God’s forgiveness every year through 2012.

In other Moon news, a Washington Times review of Moon's autobiography, "As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen" (to no surprise, it is a positive review) notes that the book is now in English. I previously noted that the book was a bestseller in South Korea.


Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

I had heard that Moon predicted he would die in 2013 but I was unaware that Moon was also making these ominous comments implying that his followers should make the "migration" with him. I was myself a follower of Moon for 10 years from 1976 to 1986, and during that time the idea that Moon's Unification movement bore any resemblance to Jim Jones and Jonestown always seemed ludicrous. But we must not ignore the fact that Moon is a sociopath like Jones, who sees no distinction between himself and others; as far as he is concerned, if he dies, everything and everyone dies. So maybe he is planning something more dreadful than a quiet death on his own. His autobiography claims he is a man of peace; maybe the peace he plans is one of universal death.

Anonymous said...

haha...why do you have to think so much? Why can't people try and see the good in him, instead of thinking of every possible way that he is a bad person? I don't get it. Maybe soon you will realize that he is trying to do something good while everyone is trying to push him down.

Anonymous said...

My experience of Unificationists is that they are manipulative, dishonest and at times rude. They zoom up on college kids and ask what time their parents get home from work.They make a big fuss of you but when you buck the system they get cold and pushy. A nasty personality cult always on the look-out for fresh victims.

Grai said...

Jan 13 is my birthday so it will be lovely birthday present if it happens!

I DO want the Moon set-up to collapse when he dies though - I just won't feel anyone is safe until the whole thing is history

Anonymous said...

What if is resurrected? They laughed at Jesus and treated him in much the same way, but he had the last laugh. I think I'll play it safe and follow Gamaliel on this one.

Anonymous said...

What did Rev. Sung Myung Moon did to you haters that makes you mad at him so? Nothing. See? You don't know him personally,have you? Then you people have no right to judge him that way. You can only judge a person correctly if you do know him personally. He is indeed a very good man. Did you know how much he suffered from accusation when he was just trying his best to do good?! Did you do anything good..for the world like what he did all these years? Or did you do things just for yourselves? And as for his autobiography,no wonder it was the bestseller.It's very inspirational.

christopherwitt said...

Divine Principle

This remarkable book has done more to cast light on the interior meaning of the Bible and the Design of Providence than any book ever published in the west; but this work is itself not without precedent; the history of the Providence subsisting in the Secret Book of the Druses; in which the 7 stages of the Providence are spelled out going from Adam at the individual level to the familial level of Noah; to that of the tribal or extended family at Abraham; to that of the racial level at Abraham, Issac and Jacob; and thence to the national level at Moses; and thence to the global level at Jesus. Here their book differs from the scale of the "Divine Principle"; for they put Muhammed at the last or universal stage; who the Druse rejected to some degree; saying that when Gabriel came to them with the Qur'an they said:

"God is enough for us".

When asked why they would not support Muhammed's claim of the mantle the Druse are reputed to have a tradition that when ever the fixed number of the Druse goes too high the offspring of the Druse "go east" to a far off country: perhaps: Korea?

At the universal level we have the progression from the global level of the entire earth to that of the cosmic or last stage; the Kingdom; or "heaven and earth". The "wall" of the Cosmic Jericho which separates heaven and earth is that of Babylon's "Mystery" or 7 veils; which John was sent to me to uncover as the Judgment approaches; for it is this "Mystery" of the great whore upon the waters of humanity that hides The Mystery of God; and the uncovering of the one is the destruction of the other.

John's revealing to me of the prophectic sentence which hangs over Rev. Moon has to do with his role as "the faithful and wise steward/servant" mentioned in Matthew and Luke; and because of Rev. Moon's ignorance or denial of his actual status as this prophetic figure we are put in the position of having to restore Rev. Moon starting at the place where he "stumbled" and then "fainted"; which happened in the course of the writing of his book or record "Divine Principle".

The Key of David is the Cross of Christ: the Divine Principle Itself.

It is this simple principle that Rev. Moon is unaware of; but the one who actually hold this Key is the Lamb; and thus we see what happened when Eliakim was given the "key of David" which Shebna held until then; when Shebna was "stripped" of his office: for eating and drinking while the enemy approached; as a hireling who cared not for the sheep; saying "let us eat and drink and be merry: for tommorrow we die". This is Stoic Epicureanism; moral desertion in the face of adversity in the eyes of Jehovah; that Name the 7 Lamps of fire burn In; whose Unity is the Holy Spirit as of the 7 Spirits of God.

First of all the 7 lamps of fire burning before the Throne of God mentioned by John the Divine in his Revelation are actually the "Principle of Creation" itself; moreover it is the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God which is the "Holy Spirit" itself; if Rev. Moon has some doubt about this I suggest he look at the Lamb with the 7 horns and the 7 eyes; for he embodies the Holy Spirit as the Son of the Living God; but the "7 horns" and "7 eyes" of the Lamb are those of "the Resurrection" and "the Life".

Anonymous said...

If Sun Myung Moon is the second Messiah, what happens when he dies according to his belief? Wouldn't that leave his mission incomplete as well? Would that mean he would appear to another teenager and ask him/her to continue his mission?

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a former UC member I will hold a grand party when Moon dies. He and his organization have ruined many people's lives, and have taken from the poor to enrich himself and his children. He's a comical old man now and his kids goonish and transparent trust-fund materialists who desire nothing more than to keep the multi-billion dollar empire going. One can only hope the whole things falls apart in the wake of his death. The sooner the better.