Thursday, November 1, 2007

Senator Orrin Hatch and The Real Republican Family Values Outrage

[Note: This blog post is reprinted from the August 29, 2007 edition of Scoobie Davis Online]

With all the controversy surrounding the family values hypocrisy surrounding Senator Larry Craig's sexual activity, it was synchronicitous that a friend gave me a link to video segments involving Nansook Hong, a victim of Sun Myung Moon's "perfect family." This video is must viewing for those who want the truth about the Sun Myung Moon. The video contains a news story and follow-up from Boston's WBZ television as well as the entire 1998 60 Minutes interview with Hong concerning her ordeal in the nightmare world of the Moon family. I have embedded it at the end of this post. It is shocking.

I have previously written about Hong's ordeal as a member of the Moon family (also here) but I will give the gruesome details again: Sun Myung Moon procured a fifteen year-old girl (Hong) to be the illegal child bride of his adult son, Hyo Jin Moon. Hyo Jin not only was a drug addict, but was a wife-beater who abused Hong when she was seven months pregnant. Hyo Jin also gave Hong herpes. During the fifteen years of hell that Hong endured, whenever she confronted the True Parents about Hyo Jin's behavior, Moon and his wife blamed her for her husband's dysfunctionality. After Hong fled with her children, Hyo Jin refused to provide child support until compelled by court rulings (the son of the billionaire cult leader claimed poverty despite living in luxury).

Moon's documentable crimes:
1) Immigration fraud (Moon had Hong brought to the United States under false pretenses; and 2) Crimes involving moral turpitude (statutory rape as an accomplice). For some reason, the INS has not acted on this information (immigration fraud and crimes involving moral turpitude are grounds for deportation).

Senator Orrin Hatch: Believer in the Perfect Family
Senator Orrin Hatch has been one of Moon's biggest friends in Washington:
1. Hatch attempted to whitewash Moon's tax evasion and pushed for clemency for Moon.
2. Hatch unctuously paid homage to Moon's wife, the woman who stood by when a fifteen year-old girl was being serially raped by her son in a counterfeit marriage.
3. Hatch wrote a song for one of Moon's front groups.
4. Hatch honored Moon in a reception in the Cannon House Office Building.
5. Most appallingly, Hatch co-sponsored a veiled honor to Moon and his wife: Parent's Day. Our tax money is being used to covertly honor this predatory puppet-master and his dysfunctional family.

Larry Craig is a piker compared to Hatch.

Addendum: The video

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