Monday, February 18, 2008

Barack Obama Versus Sun Myung Moon: Who is the Cult Leader?

In the past week or so, there has been a lot of talk among the chattering classes that Barack Obama's presidential campaign is cult-like and that Obama is positioning himself as a messiah. The Obama Cult Meme apparently started some idle observations by Joe Klein who claimed to be creeped out by the Obama campaign's supposed "mass messianism." This was followed soon thereafter with a snarky blog post by ABC's Jake Tapper titled, "And Obama wept." The meme has metastasized since then, even Paul Krugman has gotten into the act.

I find the whole matter disconcerting. First, there isn't one shred of evidence that Obama supporters are fanatical extremists or that Obama has tried to establish himself as a messiah figure. It is nothing more than a facile (and lame) attempt to tar a personable candidate as a whackjob. What is particularly noxious about this snark-fest is that these members of the Washington press corps have looked the other way while a real cult leader, Sun Myung Moon, has run roughshod over the American political process for the past 35 years. It was insult added to injury when David Brooks--who previously mocked those who decried the closeness of the Bush and Moon families--remarked that "Obama’s people are so taken with their messiah that soon they’ll be selling flowers at airports and arranging mass weddings."

For the benefit of the kewl kids of the DC press corps, I created a table (inspired by a consumer guide created by John Gorenfeld) showing the difference between cult leaders and non-cultists:

       Barack Obama

       Sun Myung Moon

Has he ever claimed to be the Messiah?
Instances of having members of the US Congress covering him with royal vestments and placing a crown on his head in a ceremony held at a US government building.
Has he ever told supporters, "I am your brain"?
At least once
Encourages S & M to supporters?

Yes, The "Indemnity Stick" ceremony

Concerned with the sex lives of his supporters?
Moon has a strict regimen regarding sexual activity, which includes:1) 40 days of abstinence prior to marriage sex; 2) The first two acts of sexual congress involve woman-on-top sex (no specific dogma addresses whether the reverse cowgirl position is acceptable); 3) After sexual congress, the couple wipes their genitals with a church-provided "Holy Handkerchief."

Does he select marriage partners of his supporters?
Yes. (quick note: apparently God's law is in conflict with man's law because some of the divinely-selected marriage partners have been jailbait--including Moon's own daughter-in-law)

Claims to have personally communicated with all deceased US Presidents, Mao, Hitler, Jesus, Buddha, and Karl Marx?
Preferred type of government
Representative     democracy
A theocratic system known as "Godism" in which democracy is crushed and the world is ruled according to Unification Church dogma.

Views about the rights of political opponents
Believes in the rights of political opponents.
Those who try to maintain their individuality in a Moon-inspired "Godist" regime will be "digested." Speaking in the third person, Moon told his followers, "Those that oppose Rev. Moon will perish."


Anonymous said...

Although I am not a "moonie", I must explain that
This is a VERY biased post and should be worded much more carefully and thoughtfully. It should also have undeniable proof of every saying.
It does not have a standard plausible resource and therefore cannot be acceptable as even a dependable writing

BANurse78 said...

I am an ex-moonie. Rev Moon is not a spiritual man, just a capitalist who was thrown out of his country, North Korea. The members are indoctrinated and brainwashed. It's very sad how many people lost their families and money because of him. Fundraising to raise money for his businesses. I even helped clean the New Yorker hotel when he bought it. I deprogrammed myself when I left that cult. It was a prison for many. Many died on the premises in Barrytown. Young adults with twisted minds and crazed looks in their eyes. The only normal people were the Japanese leaders and Euros who came to learn Divine Principle. The Americans were a bunch of quacks who fell for the speech.I wouldn't be surprised if Bush is a Moonie.

Christina said...

I believe that no one should be judged and misunderstood in the way that you have judged people like sun myung moon. Has he ever judged you?

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-moonie, also. The person above who needs more explicit or concrete proof of Moon's perfidy need only try to get his/her hands on one of the UC internal papers. Or go join the UC for a week or so. Then see how easy it is to leave.

The Moonies, for the most part, are really good people, but have been bamboozled by the Rev. He is simply a person who figured out how to get others to help him to power. His views of politics, rights of individuals, and such are purely fascist, but, to his mind, mitigated by being Divinely inspired. I was a moonie for 11 years. I was matched by Moon and my wife and I were married for 28 years. We divorced just this year. Please believe me, the UC is not good for anyone, and certainly not good for America. Good luck in your search for inner knowledge, but just know that the answer lies in your heart, not in some "Messiah".

Anonymous said...

Jon G knows his stuff, he has studied the dark side of Rev. Sun M. Moon extensively for years. He is post was accurate and to the point.

As for Moon he judges everyone "Homosexuals should cut off their organs", "women are fallen", "Koreans first as they have true blood linage (all that suppossed suffering - as if all nations and ethnic groups haven't suffered), the whites & then blacks. He is Anti-semitic, Anti-gay, Anti-women, Anti-japanese (but uses those members the worst as his work force for money), loves sex himself, but doesn't want anyone else having fun.

He's an idiot, but a dangerous one at that and supports the very regime in N. Korea that he oppossed so deeply LOL. Does business with them when he full knows that Han nam prison is still up and running and his people are starving. He's senile and talks jibberish now, while his wife, sons, daughters and top leaders fight over the money, that should be helping the members or changing the world, not stupid photo ops and conferences. Moon is a nut & his 'church' is anything but.