Sunday, November 15, 2009

Comprehensive Coverage of the Turmoil in Moon's Wash. Times

Talking Points Memo has a long article:
When Washington Times Publisher Thomas McDevitt was fired last Sunday, his successor Jonathan Slevin and two security guards escorted him from the Times headquarters to his car and confiscated his cell phone and computer, according to an internal Unification Church memo provided to TPM by multiple church members.

Issued Friday and addressed to "District Directors, State Leaders, all Blessed Central Families and Members," the memo appears to be the first official statement from the church that addresses the turmoil at the Times which has threatened the very future of the newspaper founded by church leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon in the early 1980s and long subsidized by the church's business empire.

The conservative Washington Times is controlled by Preston Moon, son of Rev. Moon and chair of the Times' parent company, News World Communications. TPM has reported that Preston's feud with the rest of his family -- rooted in his displeasure at the way the elderly Rev. Moon divvied up the church and its business empire -- is driving the chaos at the Times. . .
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Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

Years ago, in a brief article that appeared in Time magazine about the controversy stirred up by the defection of Moon's daughter-in-law Nansook Hong, a Unification movement insider was quoted as saying that Moon's soons had "egos that wouldn't fit into a ballroom" and predicted that when Moon died, contention between his heirs would destroy the movement. Well, the old man isn't cold yet and they seem to be already at it. I hope the schism broadens and deepens and that the fired Washington Times executives will go public with their grievances. With any luck, the money-losing Times will go belly-up and many more American followers of Moon will finally quit.

Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

There was one error in my previous comment. I said the article quoting a Unificationist insider appeared in Time magazine around 10 years ago. I now recall that the piece ran in People magazine.