Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Andrew Breitbart Throws Stones At ACORN from Sun Myung Moon's Glass House

(Updated below)
The right has been in a feeding frenzy since some hidden-camera tapes from right-wing operatives (don't call them journalists) were aired on Fox News. Clearly, the operatives cast a wide net, hoping that lower-level ACORN workers in field offices would make incriminating statements (here's an article on the nature of these sting operations and how people get caught up in them).

The operatives are now in the employ of Andrew Breitbart, a commentator for Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times. Breitbart was so outraged by alleged "deep corruption and unspeakable immorality at the ACORN housing division" that he wrote about it in The Washington Times. As an employee of the Washington Times, whether he knows it or not, Breitbart is contributing to Moon's attempt to legitimize his worldview to the world; Moon said, "That is why Father [Moon referring to himself in the third person] has been combining and organizing scholars from all over the world, and also newspaper organizations, in order to make propaganda." Since Breitbart used the pages of a paper devoted to promoting the Unification Movement's worldview to slam ACORN, I thought a comparison of ACORN and the Unification movement would be in order:

ACORN Versus The Unification Movement
Movement ACORN Unification Movement
Purpose The empowerment of poor and disenfranchised through voter registration, affordable housing, health-care, and neighborhood safety. The aggrandizement of Sun Myung Moon, who, according to Unification dogma, is "humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent"
Does the leadership compel members to engage in degrading, unhygienic sexual acts?NoYes
Has the Movement Scammed Japanese Widows? No To the tune of hundreds of millions, possibly billions, of dollars
View of neo-Confederate groupsStrongly opposes efforts by neo-Confederates and anti-civil rights groups from denying the vote to the poor and minoritiesMoon's Washington Times has had several prominent editors who were neo-Confederates or who supported white supremacy
Rapes Committed by LeadershipNoneMoon procured an underage girl for his drug-addled, adult son
Actual Importing of Underage GirlsNoYes
Supported Apartheid and Salvadorean death squads?No. Yes, Moon was a huge supporter of the WCAL

UPDATE: True to form, Moon's Washington Times has been prominent in spreading the smear that Department of Education official Kevin Jennings had covered up sexual abuse in a school where he had been a teacher.

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ALLAN "LANCE" said...

what a biased comparison. too bad nobody buys your blog full of garbage. why not try to mention about the good things Rev. Moon has done for America and to the rest of the world? you are just a bitter soul for not having done great things within your lifetime.