Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times Attacks on the Obama Administration

I noticed that in the past several days, Media Matters for America has documented several attempts by the Washington Times to sully the Obama administration (MMFA also documented the attempt by former Washington Times operative Bill Sammon to disseminate misinformation about the stimulus).

Here are the recent posts on Moon's Washington Times: Media Matters documented how a Times editorial invoked Hitler in falsely suggesting that a provision in a House bill would lead to the cutting off of medical treatment to the elderly and the disabled; The Times adopted the GOP's inflated cost-per-job calculation for recovery bill; The Times falsely claimed CBO "estimated that the full cost of" recovery bill "will reach $3.2 trillion by 2019"; Wash. Times article revives Obama flag smears, including inflammatory rants from radio shock jock Michael Savage. I had recently posted about the relationship between Savage (née Weiner) and the Times.

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