Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jeffrey Kuhner and Michael Savage: Birds of a Feather

I was flipping through radio stations today and tuned into Michael Savage's radio program. For those of you not familiar with Savage and his radio show, the guy is a complete loon. I wrote a review blog of his book Savage Nation that gives some examples of Savage's lunacy and racism (I also have a more recent post on my main blog about Savage and racism). What is scary about Savage is the fact that he has a radio audience of 8 million people.

Today when I was listening, I discovered that Washington Times operative Jeffrey T. Kuhner provides a weekly "special report" for Savage's radio program. Kuhner, when he wrote for Moon's Insight magazine, started the rumor that Barack Obama was a Muslim who went to school in a madrassa. I transcribed a radio conversation of Kuhner with Sean Hannity in which Kuhner makes a veiled call for Obama to be assassinated by Muslim extremists (I have another post that mentions Kuhner). True to form on Savage's program, Kuhner had a special message to members of the American military. Kuhner told the troops: "You have a commander-in-chief who no longer believes in you." This from a drone who gets his paycheck from a megalomaniac who believes America is "Satan's harvest."

UPDATE I: I almost forgot: before Kuhner was on, Savage's guest was right-wing activist Daniel Flynn. A few years ago, when Flynn was on a radio program in LA, I confronted him about Sun Myung Moon.

UPDATE II: On April 14, 2009, Kuhner appeared on Savage's radio program and called President Obama "a traitor."

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