Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Washington Times on Obama & Racism

bill white washington timesFrom today's Washington Times editorial (written without apparent irony):
In Mr. Obama's "movement for change" there should be no room for racism, real or perceived. His "movement for change" should include repudiating intolerance and bigotry, even if it comes from someone you've called pastor, friend and spiritual leader for 20 years. Mr. [Jeremiah] Wright's "preaching" is not only political but hateful and runs the risk of further dividing a country Mr. Obama insists on unifying. If, "[Obama] transcends race" as FOX News analyst Fred Barnes put it last week, not only does he have a duty but a responsibility — as a candidate, leader, American — to reject the man and his message.
I have more about the Times and racism here and here.

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