Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hyo Jin Moon, Sun Myung Moon's Eldest Son, Dies

hyo jin moonHyo Jin Moon was 45. Moon's United Press International was the first media outlet to report this.

Although Hyo Jin Moon was initially groomed to run the Unification empire after his father's death, his substance abuse and bizarre behavior (watch the 60 Minutes segment) led to his younger brother Hyun Jin "Preston" Moon to be next in line to be the patriarch of "The Perfect Family." I have written about Hyo Jin Moon's marriage to Nansook Hong (also here), a 15 years-old girl (the illegal marriage was arranged by Sun Myung Moon).

Hong wrote of her years of abuse with Hyo Jin Moon and the Moon family in her memoirs, In the Shadow of the Moons: My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family.

Here is the video of a Boston-area news report on Hyo Jin Moon and the 1998 60 Minutes interview with Hong.


Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

This man led a tragic, disordered life, in which he abused cocaine and was considered disgraced in the church, though he still had many friends and was by no means abandoned by his family or the movement. His early death will likely be used by Moon for his own purposes. As with the death of his second son, Heung Jin Moon, in 1984, and another son, Young Jin Moon (an apparent suicide in 1999), this death will be turned into some kind of "indemnity" or restitution for the failings of Moon's followers. Moon will claim that if his followers had been more loyal and had worked harder, it would not have been necessary for Hyo Jin to die. Everything, ultimately, gets blamed on Moon's followers in the Unification movement. It is never the fault of Moon himself for being a neglectful and arrogant parent; it is always somehow the fault of Moon's followers for not doing enough. This is how Moon made use of his previous sons' deaths, and this is almost certainly what he will do this time, too. It is a sad and grotesque spectacle.

Ed Bradley said...

So that is now three sons dying young. I wouldn't wish that on any parent, I don't case who he is. And I really can't see that it proves anything about the father. I see war, poverty, and destruction as genuine "sad and grotesque spectacles" not this story, and certainly not the goings on inside religious cults. These are exaggerated by evangelical Christians and anti-cultists who each have their own axes to grind. I don't fall for it anymore.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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