Monday, February 25, 2008

Inchon: Masterpiece of Moonie Cinema

inchon sun myung moon
Mark Jordan Legan of Slate V has a video showing clips of "Oscar-winning actors who have gone on to roles in truly wretched films." He included a clip of Academy Award-winning actor Sir Laurence Olivier who portrayed General Douglas MacArthur in the Sun Myung Moon-financed cinematic catastrophe, Inchon (note: the Gipper thought it was a good film). I have written about the film as well as about Moon's handling of the critical and audience to the film.

Legan gave me a heads up about the video last Tuesday at Arianna's book party celebrating Slate editor Jacob Weisberg's new book The Bush Tragedy (yeah, I was invited).

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Anonymous said...

The video is hilarious! Really enjoyed it - thanks for showing it.