Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is Sun Myung Moon Putting His Support Behind Mitt Romney's Candidacy? mitt romney sun myung moon
Previously I noted that longtime Moon operative Gary Jarmin was working for the Romney camp. There is other preliminary evidence to show that the would-be Messiah is supporting Romney's candidacy such as the puff piece on Romney on the front page of today's Washington Times by Moon operative Joseph Curl (I use the term "operative" instead of "reporter" for Times employees--especially Curl who has a history of political dirty tricks in the guise of journalism--also click here and here).

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Polar Bear said...

Moon's church would like to think it could imitate the way the Mormon Church went from being considered (and to my mind, actually being) a bizarre cult to now having a very positive public image. They would prefer to have a Unification Church member as president, but to them a Mormon is better than, say, a lapsed Catholic (Giuliani). I used to be a member of the Unification Church and I remember how they used to often speak of eventually running their own man (Moon's man) for President. That looks unlikely, fortunately. - K. Gordon Neufeld (