Thursday, November 1, 2007

Moon Operative Providing Support to Mitt Romney

Dave Johnson of Seeing the Forest reported yesterday on links between a Sun Myung Moon front group and Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. Johnson looked into the American Federation of Senior Citizens (AFSC), a Moonie front group, after the elderly mother of a friend received a fundraising letter from the group (AFSC is notorious for bilking senior citizens by sending them high-pressure fundraising letters telling them that their social security was threatened unless they sent a contribution--click here and here). Bilking the elderly has been a profitable venture for the Unification movement; the Spiritual Sales scam has netted the church at least $500,000,000 and probably over $1 billion.

The AFSC is run by Gary Jarmin, one of the founders of the American sectarian right (Jarmin co-founded the Christian Voice in 1978, a year before Jerry Falwell established the Moral Majority). Jarmin is also a long-time Moon operative. Jarmin has been involved in various Moon front groups. Jarmin also booked the room in the Dirksen Senate Office Building that was used for the notorious 2004 ceremony in which Moon and his wife were coronated.

Johnson did some further research and found that Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has Jarmin as a vice-chair of The Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee. Johnson also found that the same address that Jarmin's PR firm, Global Dominion Communications, gave the Romney campaign $2300, the maximum permissible contribution.

The important question: Is money being funneled from Sun Myung Moon to the Romney campaign? This is a job for Michelle Malkin.

Thanks again to Moonboots for help on this post.

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