Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exclusive: Washington Times Commentator on President Obama: "You are a traitor to your country."

jeffrey kuhner sun myung moon
Today Jeffrey Kuhner, commentator for Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times, gave his weekly "special report" on Michael Savage's radio show and discussed President Obama's recent speech before the Turkish parliament. Like some others on the American right, Kuhner accused Obama for apologizing for America to the parliament. Throughout his report, Kuhner referred to the president as "Barack Hussein Obama" and ended his report by saying to President Obama: "You are a traitor to your country."

This is not unusual for Kuhner. When he was editor of Moon's now-defunct online magazine Insight, Kuhner first propagated the myth that Obama had been raised as a Muslim and was educated in a madrassa (On Sean Hannity's radio program, Kuhner encouraged Muslim extremists to view Obama as an apostate). Having Kuhner making these inflammatory comments to the audience of an unhinged nut like Savage is scary. Kuhner's rhetoric supports the report by the Department of Homeland Security that warns about the potential for violence by the American right.

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Salvation Rose said...

Rev. Moon and his operatives have now gone up against one who now sits in the position of National Messiah; just as each nation has it's own destiny and angel at the End. Thus South Africa had it's Moses; Nelson Mandela; and Korea got their Moses: Rev. Moon; not even their National Messiah; Douglas MacArthur; for Rev. Moon did not unify North and South as his counterpart born in 1920 also Pope John Paul II did in unifying East and West when he helped destroy the Wall.

That Rev. Moon hid the 430 year period of indemnity the black race paid here in the West from 1492 onward can be seen in his jealousy of our black Moses; Martin Luther King; and our white Aaron; Aaron Presly; which can be verified by looking at the golden calf of Elivis; king of Babylon in his fall; where he joined King in Memphis; the ancient capital of Egypt; and the only city in America so named: the "city of destruction".

From 1517 to 1947 is 430 years; from Martin Luther to Martin Luther King at age 18: why oh why did Rev. Moon not see this one simple thing? Even when Israel was gathered in their ships in that same year?

It's written in my book; "The Revelation of Salvation" precisely because it is not written in his book: "Divine Principle"; one of it's many flaws in spite of being a work of unparalleled genuis.