Monday, August 17, 2009

Must Read Article on Moon's Ties to Nazis

(Updated below)
Robert Parry on Sun Myung Moon's Nazi ties:
One of the ugly ironies in the Right’s depiction of President Barack Obama as Hitler and health reform as a plan for Nazi-style euthanasia is that the owner of the Washington Times, which has pushed this line of attack, has had longstanding ties with World War II-era Nazis, neo-Nazis and rightist “death squads.”

Indeed, the Washington Times founder and funder, Sun Myung Moon, built his international religious-business-media empire in collaboration with Japanese fascist war criminals and with operational assistance from ex-Nazi SS officer Klaus Barbie, the so-called “Butcher of Lyon.”

The 89-year-old Moon also has had close ties to later generations of neo-Nazis and right-wing murderers, especially in Latin America where Moon-related organizations threw in their lot with brutal military dictators including some involved in cocaine trafficking.
UPDATE: Regarding the Nazi analogy used by the Washington Times, there was an apology; from the New York Times to the Washington Times for its assertion that the Moonie Times is an "outlet ... decidedly opposed to Mr. Obama." (Thanks to JG for the link).

UPDATE II: Media Matters for America asks: Do Wash. Times news pages really have "no agenda"? and discusses the Times' defense of its "fact-based" editorials comparing Obama to Nazis

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christopherwitt said...

By feeding with lost sheep Rev. Moon threw his lot in with the Rich and Powerful to advance his cause; but he betrayed his principles to do so.

Rev. Moon bet on the wrong horse; where he thought the established right and the financially conservative and connected power brokers in Washington were the way to go he left the grace of Christ and his chance to stand as a real Messiah by helping the poor; not paying the rich: aiding the weak and the powerless: not trying to destroy our first Black President.

The End of the Unification Church and the Rise of the Republikan Reich

Where the Truth ends; the Golden Calf of the Aaron of Korea

Now that we see the rise of racists like Glenn Back and neo-Nazis like Rush Limbaugh as the one rightly entitled to the jackboots of Hermann Goering in the rise of a Right Wing Reich it now comes time to unmask their stategy to erect their "Korporate Kingdom" of Economic Darwinisn as the New Feudalism; to lead us into the New Dark Ages under the Elites of Lobbied Oppression.

Now the Reich of the Right has started to use the fringe of the dispossessed mobat the dark circumference of the political spectrum as the incited rabble; being used as a cheap form of suddenly validated dissent and tools of visual intimidation in their hatred of President Obamain carefully televised projection's onto the national stage.

And this is just the beginning; the carefully orchestrated "backlash" artificially "produced" by shadow lobbies paying for buses; foood; transportation cost; all in the name of political activism and lawful protest: but the agenda is clear: as it was to the Jews when they heard the breaking glass.

In yet more and more Orwellian "doublespeak" rolling out of the GOP we have those Neo-Nazis like Rush Limbaugh and the hate peddlers who write at every right wing e-zine once again rising in their Shadow of further Hitleristic-styled lies and the darker cynicism apparent in paid-for plainly planned tactics of organized civil and social disruption that brings to mind nothing less than the tactics once used so lovingly by Hitler and his axis bound friends who destroyed Germany by coming to power in an economic crisis.

These pawns of the Right have now become the attack dogs of the Korporate lackeys who have sold out to the fear and uncertainty that test us all at the Last Day.

This crisis brought about by Korporate Facist America corresponds easily to the Mussolinic version of the Right Wing; for those with short memories; facism was formented by those of the industrialized and military establishment and not the anarchic and powerless left as some have said.

In looking at the Republikan Washington Times using the terminology of "Euthanasia" and "Death Lists" as blindly bringing to life that discarnate shadow of Nazi Germanyfrom the rise of Hitler we now have a newspaper ( which is supposed to stand as a Minister of the Free Press in America ) using what the Supreme Court might well define as Unconstitutional Tactics for the Public Weal.

By their bringing to mummified life the forces hidden in ignorance and racist leanings of the mob we now see assembled by these political animalsas in those days of Nazi Germany in which protest was silenced and dissent crushed; as good people stood by observing their coming doom by not stopping the bulliesas the Free Voice of the People was strangled and beaten downin it's own Town Halls by goons and shouters:who took over with well funded right-wing backers: like now.

Did we learn nothing about the Lesson of those days?