Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Revealing Article about Moon's Washington Times

Eric Boehlert, "The Washington Times vs. reality"


christopherwitt said...

Even in such a obvious outpouring of such unqualified inaccuracy and biased reporting one has to look at Rev. Moon's coming death and the ascension to his "throne" of his wife ( now that all the "heir-apparents" of the "true parents" are now dead ) in the actual context that these events really can be seen in.

I am, alone in the world it seems, the only one who actually knows who "Sun Myung Moon" really is; but since I have been writing the final edit of my forthcoming book "The Revelation of Salvation" where I document this spiritual giant and his resounding fall from grace I would like to share with the reader some pertinenet facts; and by facts I refer to "true"; not speculation, opinion or theorizing.

Sun Myung Moon is a prophetic figure spoken of by the Good Shepherd when he mentioned a mysterious figure called "the faithful and wise steward" which is in the gospel's of Matthew and Luke.

Some might sneer and shake their heads at my apparent delusion but I would ask if anyone has actually read the two possibilities the Lord gives this figure: his destiny involves reaching the position where he is "given all"; which refers to the position of the Messiah; but his much darker fate is to be "cut asunder"; as an "evil servant".

If one looks at this scriptue one will see it mentions "beating" of the members of the "household"; and even the reason this figure loses heart and finally just declares his "messiahhood": his Lord delats his Coming; the Second Coming; just like now.

In my book I document what this "final test" for Rev. Moon entailed; but suffice to say that in judging Rev. Moon everyone is caught in the "snare" which the Coming of the Son of Man presents: because fallen as Rev. Moon may be we still have to look at the historical precedent his present situation answers to: the denial of John the Baptist that he was Elijah the Prophet.

In my book I show that Rev. Moon's denial that he is John the Baptist
is in direct contradiction to the Mission he was given by the Angel of Christ on 4.18.36 on that Korean hillside.

The first thing that was to be restored was the position of John the Baptist himself; who was then to restore all things first; and then, perhaps if all went well; the position of Jesus the Son of Man.

Things did not go well for our Korean friend; but let me share this with the reader: two men were born in 1920 who ended up with global missions; Karl Wojytla; and Rev. Moon; Karl being the man who became Pope John Paul II; who ended the division between the East and the West at the Wall; just as Rev. Moon was to have ended the division between the North and the South at the Korean Wall.

As being two halves of "one wall"; the Wall of Babylon as a global Jericho; seen at the end of the 70 years of Babylonian Captivity that Russia suffered as a christian nation from 1917 to 1987; 70 years if one can count; not a coincidence in any sesnse of the Word.

Rev. Moon has not united Korea; and the reasons are simple and obvious after-the-fact; thus in judging Rev. Moon people are caught in the "snare" of his Judgement for denying he is John the Baptist.

I will also mention his envy of our 2 National figures who rose in the positions of our "Moses" and his "Aaron"; two "brothers"; one black Moses called Dr. Martin Luther King; and one white Aaron whose Voice was sent and then raised to bring together America's north and south and the races as the direct effect: one Aaron Presley; and if any doubt my analysis I suggest they take look at the "golden calf" in the "Golden Cadillac" of Elvis; the king of Babylon; Hollywood Babylon one might say.

He became that golden idol before which My Generation danced in our rebellion and later apostasy; for Prince Aaron and Servant King both died in Memphis: the ancient name of the capital of Egypt; the only city in America named after a city in Egypt's necropolis; and the site of it's yearly crowning of the "Apis bull-calf"; which should give the reader some idea why the deaths of King and Aaron Presley have more to them than hath met the eye: until now, at least.

I hopefully leave the reader with some inkling of judging Rev. Moon as we were told to "Judge not"; lest we ourselves be judged.

Yet this is exactly what everyone has done: even as Rev. Moon says in his book "Divine Principle" that John the Baptist was guilty for the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ; but since Rev. Moon IS John the Baptist ne inadvertently judged himself; which he was warned not to do as in not judging anyone; like the rest of us were warned not to do.

Those hypocrites who call themselves christians but judge everyone and everything in sight thus "share" in Rev. Moon's fate of being judged for doing the same thing: and this is the "snare" at the Coming of the Son of Man in his Day; for this is indeed the Last Day; and the Last Hour is that where Rev. Moon will be "cut asunder" as John the Baptist was in the prison of Herod; but John had lost his head LONG before it was seperated from his shoulders; like Rev. Moon himself will soon face when he now has lost any chance for incarnation on earth with the crown of life which is Immortality; alas!

For further inquiries or questions I can be reached from here or at

Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

I find this prolix and meandering rant a most refreshing reminder of why the Unification Church is a cult, because cults tend to create offshoot cults that are even more idiotic than the original. I look forward to Christopher Witt's book as a useful new supply of toilet paper. If Moon's doctrine isn't idiotic enough for you, try Mr. Witt's!