Saturday, February 28, 2009

Article that Mentions Sun Myung Moon and the Washington Times

From Robert Parry's article "The US Media & Democracy in Crisis":
The right-wing media infrastructure continued to grow with the influx of mysterious money from the likes of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Korean theocrat who launched the Washington Times in 1982. Later, Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch got into the act with purchases of U.S. newspapers and eventually the founding of the neoconservative Weekly Standard and right-wing Fox News.

By the late years of the Reagan-Bush-41 era, right-wing talk radio was taking off with Rush Limbaugh and other angry white men filling the AM dial with venomous attacks on liberals. When Bill Clinton managed to eke out a victory in 1992, he immediately came under sustained attack from this potent right-wing media machine.


Tossa said...

The real Sun Myung Moon is a man of true love. He is the most loving and caring person I have ever known.

The problem is that he is easily misunderstood. His words should not be taken literally, especially when he says things about Jews or homosexuals. There is a limitation to human expression and I have always felt that Rev. Moon tries to go around such limitations.

I can accept him as my Messiah, Savior, True Parent and Returning Christ, and I am proud of it.

In order to understand Rev. Moon, one must engage in deep and sincere prayer. One must totally go to the zero point and ask God about the truth.

Thank you for reading this.

luna said...

Dear Tossa... I feel so sorry for you.
You have no idea of how you are being controlled.
I hope you find your way out of your brainwashed life and get some help.
It is really sad to read your letter.
You are nothing to the Moonman except the money and the work you can give him.(been tuna fishing lately?)
I am very familiar with the Moonie lifestyle.
It is not normal, or natural.
YOU know what I am talking about.
Brainwashing allows you to think things are "normal behavior" that are not.
Moons political agenda is on the top of his list and you are at the bottom. I have listened and read his translated speeches. It is really ...sick.
Get a life for yourself while you can. You are being used and controlled... just how much money have you made or given to your "true parents"
Married anyone you don't know lately? How is that working for you?

To Scoobie Davis
I am suprised that there are still people who believe what I just read from Tossa and I am thankful someone is trying to expose the front groups of moons that have infiltrated our political system via the republican party which has effected our policies in a very negative way.
Apparently Washington does not want to expose this as democrats and republicans have been seen at some of the unification functions or written columns in the Washington Times (Hillary for one)
I personally spent over a year reading everything I could about Moon and the Unification Church and the power they have in our government where money talks.
What I most discoved though is... nobody seems to care.
What is one to do?