Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who is the Real Knave?

exorcist bobby jindal governor The Moonie Times has its list of Nobles and Knaves of the year 2008. Not surprisingly, the political people list of knaves includes only Democrats or people left-of-center (Hillary Clinton, ACORN, Sandra Bernhard, Harry Reid) while the political poeple listed as nobles are Republicans or right-of-center (Governor Bobby "The Exorcist" Jindal and the late Tony Snow). I found it more than a bit interesting that a list of knaves would be concocted by an alleged newspaper whose only reason for existence is due to the grandiose vision of a predatory megalomaniac whose goal is to gain power in the nation's capital and who paid over $3 billion to operate this rag through cleaning out Japanese widows of their life savings.

UPDATE: On the subject of knaves, also in today's Times is an op-ed by Jeffrey Kuhner, the Moonie operative who started the Obama-is-a-Muslim rumor and appeared on Sean Hannity's radio program and all but called for radical Muslims to assassinate Obama for being "an apostate." Kuhner calls 2008 a year of infamy because it was the year that Obama was elected. Kuhner blames the US news media:
An honest and serious media would have exposed all of these issues - and the dangerous pitfalls of an Obama presidency. Instead, the 2008 campaign represented the final culmination of a low, dishonest decade. A sycophantic press corps suppressed damaging information about Mr. Obama and effectively carried him into the White House. They have thus carried America's Neville Chamberlain on their shoulders, in a massive delusion that the problem was George W. Bush when, in fact, the problem we face are the evil forces aligned against us.
Kuhner doesn't mention the supposedly damaging information that the media suppressed. Was he referring the rumor that Kuhner started about Obama being a closet Muslim?

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