Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Three Cheers for the Solomon Islands Clergy

(via The Moon Tribune)an article in the Solomon Times newspaper: "Boycott "Moonie" Festival: Church Leaders":
Christian ministries and organizations are unanimous in their call for a boycott of the Global Peace Festival and their description of Reverend Moon as the "Devil and the Anti-Christ, the end time figure spoken off in the Book of Revelation" . . . The Church leader stated that the Reverend Moon Movement has succeeded in brain washing such young Christians, and Moon is now using them to fill up his own pockets, "he has also been making a mockery of the institution of marriage as part of his strategy to win followers" . . .
The Church leader said that Mr. and Mrs. Moon have been using words and ideas that are familiar, attractive including their constant talking about family; "but it is not God' family that Mr. and Mrs. Moon are talking about, it is all about unity under the leadership of Reverend Moon."

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