Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama Campaign Boots Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times from its Press Plane

(Updated below)
Last night I heard about the Obama campaign's to get expel the "reporter" for the Washington Times (as well as reporters from the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News). Why did it take so long? Just because a Messiah wannabe buys a printing press doesn't mean that what is produced is a legitimate journalistic entity. In fact, the Moonie Times has a long history of engaging in political dirty tricks against Democratic presidential candidates (e.g., see my video "The World's Most Powerful Cult" for more information).

It's interesting how the right's media is spinning it. To no surprise, Fox News is suggesting that the reason was that all three of the papers endorsed McCain. The Times' editor-in-chief John Solomon appeared on right-wing talk radio show hosted by Mark Levin, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former (?) recipient of wing-nut welfare from Richard Mellon Scaife. Solomon (whom Levin described as a good friend) and said pretty much what he said to the Washington Post. Here is today's Times story on the expulsion.

UPDATE: Fox News Democrat Kirsten Powers is slightly less critical than her Fox News colleagues:
All three papers endorsed McCain - was the Obama move retaliation? It seems unlikely. More likely, the campaign wanted to make room for fawning coverage - and who better to get rid of than papers that cover you critically?

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