Tuesday, May 6, 2008

George H. W. Bush Appears at Recent Moonie Summit

berge bush sun myung moon upf Lou of Talk To Action has the details about Bush's appearance at the Americas Summit held from April 28 to May 2 in Washington:
Sun Myung Moon's end time political front, the Universal Peace Federation had a summit from April 28 to May 2 in Washington DC. The participants took a tour of the Moon owned Washington Times and chartered a plane to go visit George H. W. Bush's library. Once again, George 41 gave a keynote address in support of Moon's efforts.

John Solomon, the new executive editor of the Washington Times who told C-span viewers recently that the paper does not push Moon's agenda, made an appearance at one function apparently hosted by the paper. (see slide show link below)

Brent Scowcroft and former congressman Earl Hillard also showed up to help Moon subdue the planet.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is the Unification Church as Moon intended it to be. The reason his was a "religion" was for tax and First Amendment purposes it appears to me.

Here's how Steve Hassan described it:

In the 70s [Moon] was saying that democracy was evil, Americans were lazy, the Koreans are the master race. [In] fact he believes that when he takes over the world, which is his espoused goal, there'll be a theocracy which will rule with himself and other leaders. All other religions will be abolished. The only language spoken will be Korean. I mean this man is a demagogue who doesn't believe in pro family values, that's just a hoax. What he believes is he is the True Parents of mankind and his group and the people who have been - quote "blessed" unquote - by him are now "the family." Everyone else is in Satan's world. [Steve Hassan - Greater Boston - WGBH Boston - Dec. 1, 1997 ]

Moon's plan has always been to create a world wide political front made up of people who take their direction from his organization. The UPF is the culmination of Moon's grand plan to control the direction of world events.


Yes, Moon is on schedule to be the last to laugh.

You may not understand why this is important; you may still be under the illusion that Moon is a clown. But I ask you to look and keep looking until you see.

From the UPF webpage: (photo of Bush at link)

In his keynote address, the 41st President agreed. "This is not the time for America to be turning inward," he said. "The United States needs to stand up and work for peace in the world, especially in the neighborhood of nations near to home. It is a matter of conscience, not just a concept. The challenges are more complex and more compelling than they were in the past, but they are so important we cannot afford to get them wrong. We need better solutions for issues like poverty and immigration and make sure that the successes of the past in the fight against drugs are not lost."

"However, too many citizens these days are becoming disengaged at a time when we need more involvement, more debate, and more foreign exchanges," he said. "That's why the work of the Universal Peace Federation and The Washington Times is so important, and I thank Rev. Moon and salute all of you for coming here to address these urgent issues."

From Moon's address:

"We are entering into a new and hopeful time," said Rev. Moon in his remarks
, "And all of us are being called - whether we know it or not - to bring our best efforts to bear on creating a new culture of peace, centered on the ideal of one family under God." He went on to describe a vision of a future world where some of the weaknesses of democracy, and in particular the wasted efforts of extreme partisanship, [partisanship in America helped along by Moon's media] can be relieved by the involvement of elder statesmen as senior advisers. [Read: Moon's Ambassadors for Peace who study Moon's ideology. Moon preacher Michael Jenkins said the Ambassadors for Peace were created "to be True Parent's representatives to govern the world."]

"We believe that groups of political, religious and community leaders such as these working together in new partnerships hold the key to lasting peace," said Dr. Thomas Walsh, the UPF Secretary General. [and long time Moon follower]
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Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

Unificationists have a remarkable ability to use Orwellian double-think when it comes to the matter of Moon's plans for world domination. If you ask a Unificationist directly if Moon plans to rule the world, he or she would deny it and say this is mere paranoid nonsense. But yet if you read Moon's speeches, or look at what his theology teaches, the whole Unification movement's purpose is to create a world "centered on True Parents", by which they mean Moon and his wife. In fact, Unificationists genuinely believe that the world should be ruled by Moon, and despite the bellicosity of some of his remarks, they believe he would be a benign and enlightened ruler. But Unificationists would deny that this is the goal and intention of organizations like the Ambassadors for Peace, and many people will take them at their word because they are so sincere and convincing because of their ability to believe contradictory things.