Monday, April 14, 2008


sun myung moon Yong Myung Moon
Since I let people know about my new YouTube video on Sun Myung Moon last Wednesday, about 1000 people have viewed the video. Moon has billions of dollars of ill-gotten money to line the pockets of politicians and members of the mainstream media. Critics of the Unification movement have considerably fewer financial resources than Moon (to say the least). However, we have the truth so it's a fair fight.

You can help out by doing one of the following things:
1. E-mail the video to friends, associates, and people whom you think might be interested in the content. You can either use your email account to send people the URL of the video ( or you can go to the video and use YouTube's "Share" function A(right below the video screen).
2. Counter the Unification Church's YouTube ratings manipulation by getting a free YouTube account and giving the video a good rating(I broke the story on the Unification Church's efforts to game the YouTube ratings system). What this does is to push this video closer to the top of a keyword search for information on the Unification Church on YouTube.
3. If you have a web site or blog, please link to it.
4. Place the URL on a bulletin board or discussion group

Thanks in advance.

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John Gorenfeld said...

Here's a good frame of reference for just how loaded Reverend Moon is: He competed with Hyundai for development deals in North Korea. This guy has the resources of a corporation!