Monday, April 28, 2008

Anti-Catholic Preacher John Hagee Praises Pope In Washington Times

john hagee doomsday cult John Hagee--whom I have written about previously (click here, and here)--is an anti-Catholic and apocalyptic fundamentalist preacher from San Antonio. When John McCain sought and received Hagee's endorsement in February, bloggers noted Hagee's inflammatory End Times theology, his anti-Catholic rhetoric, his blaming Hurricane Katrina on gays, and his controversial views about Jews.

In tomorrow morning's Washington Times, Hagee has a column praising Pop Benedict for his recent visit to the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Sun Myung Moon does this same kind of thing. He will give a little lip service to Jesus Christ when in fact he calls him a failure of grand proportions who now serves Moon's dead son in heaven. Then when the members go out to con the Christian ministers they point to the lip service quote - "Oh, it wasn't Jesus' fault, it was John the Baptist's."

Republicans (and their media echo chamber) will fall for Hagee's deceptions the same way they swallowed Moon's because, like Moon, they know they have to have him to gain power.

What happened to that catholic league guy who was going to keep the pressure on McCain? I thought so, another right wing hypocrite, power hungry and with no real principles but those that help them gain that power.