Thursday, March 20, 2008

Opposing Racial and Religious Bigotry

On my personal blog, I have a post that deals with the problem of racial and religious bigotry. The post addresses the irony that many of those who fight against the bigotry of the sectarian right are themselves accused of being bigots. The post also touches upon the Unification movement.

The leadership of the Unification Church has been at the forefront of tarring opponents as religious bigots and racists--this strategy was employed when Moon was brought up on charges of income tax fraud and conspiracy. The theme of then-Unification Church president Mose Durst's 1984 book To Bigotry, No Sanction: Reverend Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church was that the United States prosecuted Moon because of its legacy of racism and religious intolerance.


Anonymous said...

Moon teaches that "exchange marriage" - intermarrying races and or nationalities - is integral to God's plan for the world. Of course Moon is always the interpreter of God's will but even at that, he matched ALL his own children to other Koreans.

here's a quote from Steve Hassan:

In the 70s [Moon] was saying that democracy was evil, Americans were lazy, the Koreans are the master race. [In] fact he believes that when he takes over the world, which is his espoused goal, there’ll be a theocracy which will rule with himself and other leaders. All other religions will be abolished. The only language spoken will be Korean. I mean this man is a demagogue who doesn’t believe in pro family values, that’s just a hoax. What he believes is he is the True Parents of mankind and his group and the people who have been - quote “blessed” unquote - by him are now “the family.” Everyone else is in Satan’s world. [Steve Hassan – Greater Boston – WGBH Boston – Dec. 1, 1997 ]

Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

It is very curious that Moon was quick to play the race card in 1984 when he was imprisoned for tax evasion, claiming both racial and religious discrimination. Yet the newspaper he founded, The Washington Times, does not hesitate to engage in discriminatory language when describing candidates such as Barack Obama. Ironically, Moon himself has a different take on racism than that evidenced by the Washington Times. Moon claims that Asians are superior, and particularly, Koreans are the most superior people, and that ultimately all the world will adopt the Korean language and culture; and that, furthermore, God speaks Korean and Korean is the language used in heaven. I don't think you'll see that any time soon in a Washington Times editorial, but you will see some other racist overtones in some of the editorial writing.