Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Must See: Sun Myung Moon's Rant

John Gorenfeld has the video of Sun Myung Moon's barely coherent rant at the Washington Times' 15th Anniversary Dinner Party. Concave and convex, indeed.
UPDATE: I embedded it:

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Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

This strange speech merely reflects the sorts of things Moon routinely says in his speeches to his own followers. He appears to be saying that somehow the Washington Times is going to lead the world into sexual purity. He then goes off onto one of his favorite rants about concave organs and convex organs. At another speech to his followers a few years ago, he muttered darkly that in the case of a lascivious woman, the "concave organ should be filled with concrete". Interestingly, in Nansook Hong's book, In the Shadow of the Moons, the former daughter-in-law of Moon reveals that Moon, when told of his eldest son's sexual infidelity, was mostly just concerned about how to cover it up. Hong reports that Moon disputed his son's claim that he (Hyo Jin Moon) had providential reasons for committing adultery and insisted that only he (Sun Myung Moon) had God's providential permission to commit adultery. So the way I see it, Moon's frequent rants about sexual purity represent a tortured pretense which he is maintaining in the face of his own flagrant hypocrisy. What a wonderful role model Moon is for journalists!