Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moon Media Creates the Next Anti-Obama Meme: The Military "Fears" Him

(Updated below)
Last year, Moon's media apparatus created the meme that presidential candidate Barack Obama was raised Muslim and attended a madrassa (I have a transcript of one of Moon's operatives discussing the hit job with Sean Hannity). Media Matters for America and Greg Sargent report on the next anti-Obama meme: The U.S. military "fears" Obama. The Times article by Rowen Scarborough cites a Fox News analyst and a defense contractor.

People tell me that I shouldn't be concerned about a newspaper like the Washington Times because it is a low circulation cult-owned rag that isn't taken seriously. However, it is capable of doing a lot of damage and it has influence that goes way beyond it tiny circulation (about one seventh of its crosstown rival, The Washington Post). I cited how a fallacious Times story was transmitted to tens of millions of people (with help from Drudge, Fox News, and talk radio). Let's not forget also that with recent presidential elections that have been decided by razor thin margins, it doesn't take a lot to swing things to a given candidate. For instance, during the 2000 campaign, Times reporter Bill Sammon created the phony "Floodgate" story for the Times that created a lot of problem for the Gore campaign. A Moon operative also bragged that The Washington Times is one of the most cited newspapers in the nation. It would be a mistake to ignore the power of the Unification movement's media.

Disclosure: I am a political independent and voted in the primary for Obama mainly because I received an Obama poster done by one of my favorite artists, Shepard Fairey.

UPDATE: The Washington Times is doing some "style changes" to keep up with changing times. It's also doing away with "scare quotes."

UPDATE II: A former Washington Times reporter has more.

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Ariel said...

Actually, Moon is supporting Obama for he is open-minded and will further the providence. He sees McCain as close-minded.