Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moon Ally Ousted as Philippines House Speaker

jose de venecia jr sun myung moon
On February 5, influential Philippines politician, Jose de Venecia Jr., a member of the presiding council of Moon Universal Peace Federation, was ousted as Speaker of the House. De Venecia has attempted to use the United Nations to promote Unification theology. From de Venencia's speech to the "King of Peace Crowning Ceremony of Cosmic Unity" on February 14, 2005:
One of the great missions of Rev. Moon is to see how we can bring about a unification of the great religions of the world for we have descended from Adam and Eve and from Abraham. Today gathered here are the great leaders of Buddhism, of Islam, the Jews of the world, the Roman Catholics, the Confucians, the Hindus - are all gathered in this great hall of the people and I am happy to report to you as a result of the lifelong work of Rev. Moon and of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, under the chairmanship of Rev. Kwak, I am happy to report to you that as the result of the mutual pioneering efforts of the Philippines, of Iran and of many nations of Europe and in Asia and in Africa - and under the leadership of Rev. Moon - I had the privilege to present to the Security Council last year – a resolution for a dialogue among civilizations, among religions, among cultures, for an interfaith dialogue and I am happy to report to you that the following month, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved our resolution calling for an interfaith dialogue among the great religions of the world.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe a man like de Venecia can easily be decieved. After the tragic episodes that happened to him and his family, he must have mellowed down, if he could connect his involvement with the moonies and the subsequent events in his life.