Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Homeland Security Money Funneled to Group with Ties to North Korea

The blog Left in Alabama reports that Master Marine, Inc., a Unification-controlled business involved in the building and repair of ships, received over $330,000 in the past two years from the Department of Homeland Security for "maintenance, repair and rebuilding of equipment."

It concerns me that the government department responsible for the safety of our nation would do business with a firm owned by Sun Myung Moon, who has given millions of dollars to subsidize North Korea's weapons program and has had extensive financial dealings with a regime that the Bush administration considers one of the remaining two components of the "axis of evil." It also concerns me that Department of Homeland Security would go to a man who has an open hostility to democratic forms of government and who views the United States as "Satan's harvest."

This action raises several questions: 1. Why was Moon's firm chosen for the contract with DHS? 2. Were employees of Master Marine, Inc. given access to classified information? 3. Does the relationship between DHS and Master Marine, Inc. constitute a threat to national security?

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