Friday, November 2, 2007

The Washington Times and a Phony Voting Rights Group

[Note: This blog post is reprinted from the August 3, 2005 edition of Scoobie Davis Online]
Brad Blog has the goods on the Republican front group, American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR) and its sham report on voter intimidation and how much of the right-wing blogosphere fell for it. What I found most revealing was how transparently phony this GOP front group was; it was if they didn't make an attempt to fake us out. It took me two seconds to do a Google search that shows the group is a front group. Also, the title of the "study" on the group's web site is a dead giveaway: "Democrat [sic] Operatives Far More Involved In Voter Intimidation And Suppression In 2004, Thousands Of Americans Disenfranchised By Vote Fraud On Election Day." For those of you who don't know, a favorite habit of wingnuts is the pejorative use of the word "Democrat" instead of "Democratic" as a adjective (e.g., Bob Dole's famous "Democrat Wars" comment in 1976). This is just sad.

UPDATE: The Moonie Times on the fraudulent ACVR (typical Moonie Times):
Election fraud
A nonpartisan group yesterday released a report that said paid Democratic operatives were far more involved in voter intimidation and suppression activities than were their Republican counterparts during the 2004 presidential election.
The American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund (ACVR) report, "Vote Fraud, Intimidation & Suppression in the 2004 Presidential Election," said neither party had a clean record on the issue, but Democrats were worse.
Examples include paid Democratic operatives charged with slashing tires on Republican get-out-the-vote vans in Milwaukee and an Ohio court order stopping Democratic operatives from calling voters and telling them the wrong date for the election and faulty polling-place information, according to the report.
The report further found that thousands of Americans were disenfranchised by illegal votes cast and a coordinated effort by members of certain "nonpartisan" organizations to rig the election system through voter-registration fraud in more than a dozen states.
The ACVR Legislative Fund is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that neither supports nor endorses any political party or candidate. [emphasis mine]

Roger Ailes has more on the group's alleged bipartisanship.

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