Thursday, November 1, 2007

Charlie Rangel Gives Credence to Sun Myung Moon (Again)

[Note: This blog post is reprinted from the September 26, 2007 edition of Scoobie Davis Online]
Yesterday, I discussed how Hillary endorsed a September 23 gathering of Unificationists and how this and other instances of legitimizing cult leader Sun Myung Moon by prominent Democrats have been disastrous for them (click here for a short post on the matter).

Another prominent Democrat who have accorded legitimacy to Moon has been Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY). A few years ago, Rangel wrote a proclamation honoring the cult leader as "King of Peace." Rangel not only endorsed the Moonie assembly, but spoke at the event (I got the picture of Rangel from the official Family Federation website). I find this incredible not only because Moon has dumped over $3 billion into a media organization that bashes Democrats but that significant elements of that media apparatus are virulently racist (also here).

Thanks again to Moonboots for the tip.

UPDATE: Check out my links on Sun Myung Moon and the Family Federation for World Peaces.

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