Monday, February 25, 2008

This Would Be Funny if It Weren't True

In my research on the Unification Movment, I have come across information about the tragicomic life of former Bush appointee and Unification operative Josette Sheeran (Shiner). Here's a passage from an 1988 article by Edmond Jacoby in the now-defunct Regardie's magazine:
. . .I also heard tales of the fantastic, such as Jack Knarr's story of predawn rites in the newsroom . . . Forced inside by frigid weather one night,[Knarr] was snoozing in a corner of the newsroom when he was awakened at 4:30 A.m. by chanting. He swears he saw a procession of candle-waving Moonies, led by deputy managing editor Josette Shiner, circle the newsroom on the mezzanine balcony. They then proceeded, candles in hand, to the basement cafeteria for a prayer meeting and breakfast.

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Kenneth Gordon Neufeld said...

They were probably doing what used to be called "Pledge Service", a ritual performed at 5:00 A.M. by followers of Moon in which they literally prostrate themselves on the floor before a picture of Moon and then make vows before God such as "I will fight with my life." This ritual is normally performed every Sunday morning and on the first day of each month and on Unification Church holidays.